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New boutique gym reveal

Meet Flex Fitness- Edina's new boutique gym

When Katie Jepsen approached us with her inspiring vision to design the gym of her dreams, we knew it would take some serious ambition. We thrived on the challenge and used our collective talent and creativity to bring this concept into reality! Dark colors paired with raw elements set the perfect balance between sophistication and grit.

With a goal to bring sexy, bold industrial vibes to life, we tapped the power of texture. We used a lot of raw steel and concrete in the space. The reception desk was custom-fabricated by ProConcrete's Dian Mills—with exposed rebar for added intrigue! A graffiti wall by artist Tom Janssen offers bold pops of color where he painted something truly special in homage to Katie's late mother who had passed away due to ALS; reminding us that movement is indeed such a privilege we should never take lightly.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Zach Lessin and John Jepsen, two masterminds whose creative engineering made our wildest designs come to life! From the dazzling Flex logo on the ceiling in the gym, to that show-stopping steel barn door with its very own Flex stamp - there's no mistaking whose turf you're on!

Ready to level-up your workouts? Flex Fitness is the perfect place. Not only does this place look amazing (seriously, check out those photos), but it has some of the best fitness classes around. Katie and her crew will kick your ass (in a good way)!

Flex Fitness is located at 7491 France Ave S, Edina, MN 55435 in Centennial Lakes.

Photography credit: Spacecrafting


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