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Our full service interior design encompass every detail, from start to finish. Whether it’s a single room refresh, a renovation, a new build, or something in between, we can help you every step of the way.

With a focus on combining beauty and function, Davis Interiors is committed to creating spaces that provide an effortless backdrop for everyday living. Led by the highly experienced Principal Designer Jennifer Davis, this team of creatives are known for their fresh, approachable aesthetic which exudes warmth and detail through layers of texture.

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Some people know right away what it was that they were born to do – and that was the case with Jennifer. Raised with an appreciation for good design and the thoughtful, detailed work that goes behind it (her mother was also an interior designer!), Jennifer couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else and began her career at the age of nineteen and has never once doubted her direction. Since then, she falls even more deeply in love with her craft each and every day. 


Over her 25+ years of experience, Jennifer has developed an ability to create joyful and inviting homes through the use of neutral color palettes and natural materials. Each project is thoughtfully designed with the way the family lives in mind, with careful attention given to space planning and to details including the flow, functionality, durability of materials, comfort of the clients, and storage needs. She strikes a balance between creativity and detail-oriented practicality, making her projects effortlessly calming, livable, and always beautiful.

Jennifer lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Calvin, her two daughters, and their beloved chihuahua. Interior design continues to run in the family, as Calvin is an integral part of Davis Interiors, and both Calvin and Jennifer wake up each morning excited to have the opportunity to work on this dream business they’ve created together.

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Melissa Tollefson

Interior Designer

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Calvin Meier

Project Manager

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Lisa Keskey


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