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Home Office Reveal

Luxuriously Feminine Office Reveal

Situated in a 100-year old property near the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens, this one-of-a-kind home office blends our client’s modern style with the traditional roots of her historic house. Looking for a special space to work from in the comfort of her own home, the homeowner requested we take a feminine approach with the design. We chose to incorporate a blush pink palette throughout the room, ensuring that every element was just as special as the next. The huge windows naturally allow the light to stream in, making this luxe space an ideal spot for creative inspiration. To elevate the style even further, we added unique details such as lucite pulls, textured printed grasscloth wallpaper, intricately trimmed draperies, and exquisite lighting fixtures. This allowed the room to exude a timeless feel while still being modern and chic.

This Chrysanthemum pattern on sisal is a delightful sight to behold! With its intricately hand-printed design, it's magnificently textured and adds remarkable depth.

The custom built-in allowed us to conceal the printer and file cabinet. We color matched the cabinets to the textured, grasscloth writing desk with brass detail.

From the elegant carpet design to a brilliantly detailed fabric that reads as a solid tone but has an almost animal-esque appeal, we made sure everything was perfect - down to every last detail. We are absolutely fascinated by the way this fabric pattern is reflected in the shiny, hammered brass side table - it's simply mesmerizing!

These pink linen custom draperies are given an extra special touch with two eye-catching trims - a luxurious fringe and beautiful tape trim.


Davis Interiors is excited to share the sources for our Luxuriously Feminine Office Project with you! We know that many of our readers love discovering where we sourced items, but some details must remain secret - out of respect for our clients. However we have made sure to link retail products or similar options if available - so you can enjoy bringing this fabulous project into your own homes. Thanks again for joining us on this exciting journey!

Photography: Spacecrafting


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